This is Michael Vick…

This is Michael Vick:

This is Michael Vick’s Dog:


This is Michael Vick trying to do a little bit of damage control. Never. Not. Ever…

…sorry for the little rant, but I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it on the news today…


  • HE should be thrown to the dogs!

  • This post is so gross…not sure what purpose it serves….poor wee creature. Was he part of a dog fight or did his owner inflict this damage ….either way my stomach did a flip flop.

  • Cambridge Rat Mom

    Thank you for making that point. It may upset and offend some and that’s probably a good thing. Unless people actually see what happens to these dogs, they’ll be willing to give the football killer Vicks a second chance. These dogs were just plain lucky to have gotten a second chance, but they shouldn’t have had to go through this to get it.

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