Things I’m Lovin’ Sunday #4

14908384_10157598153735401_1774442561643653424_nSo here I am, stuck in Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre for the 13th day in a row, and I’m getting pretty down about the whole ‘life in a hospital’ experience. How am I supposed to know if the irritability I’m feeling is a result of medication or just the understandable ire of someone who has been literally connected to a wall for close to 2 weeks? I can’t.

Instead, I am going to resurrect my old idea of posting some positive things on a Sunday. In no particular order, here is my happy juice for the day…

1.Free Healthcare: Ok, ok…for those of you who are ready to scream ‘socialist state’ and comment on how taxes are just another way to pay the bill for someone else, I say ‘get over yourself’. You have no idea when you or a loved one will need it. And according to my very non-scientific review of a few websites, my stay here to date would have already cost me at least $40,000 – and that’s just for regular care! I’m in a specialized wing that has considerably more expenses attached, and there is no way I could pay for it on my own. Thank you Canadian health coverage.

2. Halloween Candy: Though I had to miss Halloween with my Tuktu this year, I had the benefit of being in the city where November 1st is valued as highly as Black Friday shopping…candy sales to clear room for the Christmas stocking stuffers! Now, while I was relegated to my hospital room, J was able to scoop up some overly sweet bags of corn syrupy goodness. Swedish berries anyone?

3. Free Internet: Enough said.

4. Wipes: I already knew I was a fan of baby wipes after have to clean up an infant with diarrhea (insert shocked gasp here), but I have a whole new appreciation for washcloth wipes. Comfort Personal Cleansing Cloths is the kind HSC stocks. You see, showers are few and far between when you’re pulled in for video-EEG telemetry monitoring; the disposable washcloths provided make it bearable.

5.The Food Network: Love it. It’s not included in the Co-op cable package which we pay for in Rankin, so watching it in Winnipeg is a wonderful indulgence – Chopped marathon anyone?


  • First want to say—glad you are back blogging… but hope everything gets sorted with the monitoring/new med situation!

    Thank goodness for health care that doesn’t cost anything— I can’t imagine the stress of going thru what you are going thru plus the added stress of figuring out how you are going to pay for it all!!!!

    Hope you get a shower soon— and happy you are blogging missed your voice out here…. in the blogging world!

  • Jim Muise

    Love ya lots! (happy juice #6!!)

  • Chris

    Good on you Tara …you are such a strong woman. Finding a humour and a positive spin when you are in the midst of such a frustrating journey. Just remember ….this too will pass.
    Love you more than air.

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