Things I’m Lovin’ Sunday #3

this-photo-is-only-for-test-1620626-1279x853Although I had planned these ‘Things I’m Lovin’ Sundays’ to be in addition to regular posts, for the past 3 weeks it seems like everything else has disappeared. I have post-it note ideas here and there, but sometimes it just takes awhile to work through everything. Random stuff that catches my attention though? I can do that!

1. Netflix: Now, some people may think that I’m coming a bit late to this party…Netflix has been around for quite some time. Any northerner, however, would understand this immediately. The Shangri-La of unlimited Internet is a fantasy in small fly-in communities. You pay exorbitant amounts each month for just a few gigabytes. Streaming videos would slow you down to dial-up speed within a week. Being in Victoria has allowed me to access so much more without hoping a tv show’s schedule matches the daily routine of an active toddler. Although I’m bummed Netflix Canada doesn’t have ‘The Office’ available, there is still an amazing amount to choose from.

2. Toddler Toy Preference: I was reading an article recently listing the top wastes of money parents spend on a new baby…diaper wipe warmers, for example. At the top of the list was expensive toys for kids under the age of 2. It’s true…while we have lots of books, all the commercial toys we’ve bought have been thrown to the wayside only to be replaced by random household items. Popsicle sticks, bowls, and wooden spoons? Yes please. He has also spent hours – yes, hours – on putting crayons in a Boursin cheese box (that he dug out of the recycling bin) then dumping them out again. Super savings!

3. Boots with Heels: Victoria instead of Rankin Inlet means no snow and ice – factors that limit your choice of footwear in the north. I can wear heels now…enough said.

4. The Ability to Vote: Although I think Canada’s ‘first-past-the-post’ format is less than ideal, the fact that I can actually vote for a leader is wonderful; we should honour that privilege by taking part in tomorrow’s (October 19th) federal election. People across the world have died for such an opportunity (and still do). The results of the election may not be something I’ll be lovin’, but that’s another blog post.

5. The Epilepsy Journey: This website has some information that is digestible, yet informative.

And that’s it for this Sunday: great things in no particular order. Is there something you’re lovin’? I would love to hear what it is in the comment section!


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