Things I’m Lovin’ Sunday #2

Ok, I know…posting this on a Monday doesn’t really fit the title but, since it’s a vacation (yay Canadian Thanksgiving), I figured that I could bend the naming rules a bit. I still have things to be thankful for!

…in no particular order…

1. Pie: I’ve always enjoyed sweet over savoury, so dessert has always been my go-to comfort food – not the turkey. Well, yesterday we went to a friend’s place to partake in our very first ‘Thanksgiving Pie Potluck’. Why not, right? Along with the apple I threw together, we got to enjoy pumpkin and strawberry-rhubarb. I think this is a tradition that we will have to adopt and take back to Rankin Inlet next year.

2. Autumn Leaves: Watching the trees change here in Victoria has reminded me that I haven’t really experienced this in about 6 years. I was out with Aidan, collecting leaves from an oak tree, when I thought of this. Thanksgiving weekend growing up in Nova Scotia was always decorated with the blazing reds, oranges, and yellows of the maple trees. Living in northern Canada, the tundra moss changes colour and the Arctic cotton dots the landscape, but no leaves. Generally, by this time, snow has already made its appearance.

3. Babysitters: J and I are in a great position here. Since he has lived here before, he already had contacts when we arrived at the end of August. We didn’t have to go through the whole vetting process in trying to find someone we trust to take care of Aidan when we want a night to ourselves. This weekend we got out to see 2 movies. At a theatre. With popcorn.

4. Red Fish, Blue Fish: No, I’m not talking about the Dr. Seuss classic (though that title features prominently in Aidan’s book fixation). I’m talking about the little food shack down on the waterfront in Victoria. Their website shows food like it’s prepared for an inside-seating restaurant, but this one you actually have to fight with the seagulls for a seat. I promise you it’s worth it. Their simple battered fish and chips were the best I have ever tasted and their spicy chowder, made with a coconut milk base, is simply out of this world. Essential stop if you’re in the Victoria waterfront area.

5. Having a BBQ: Living in the Arctic, having a Coleman stove cookout while you’re out on the land is common. However, having a full-on BBQ is your yard is not. Most people don’t have yards, and it’s generally too cold to make it worth it. J is a ‘meat’ guy, though, so it was one of our first purchases here in Victoria. Mmmmm…it’s so easy to cook with (I say that because it’s J’s domain…I don’t touch it) and having fresh veggie kabobs, steak, onions & mushrooms done on a grill is a wonderful treat.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

...a Thanksgiving meal I made for my dogs about 3 years ago...

…a Thanksgiving meal I made for my dogs about 3 years ago…


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