Things I’m Lovin’ Sunday #1

Everyone is familiar with the ‘Throwback Thursday’…I mean, who doesn’t have a FaceBook feed covered in embarrassing pictures which somehow capture moments that are special to us? I enjoy the thought, but I’ve decided to institute something new: ‘Things I’m Lovin’ Sunday’. Although I’m sure these posts will be completely random, I think it’s important to remind myself of positive things.

So, here it goes…5 random things that make me happy (in no particular order)…

1. Starbucks seasonal Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes: Living in the north, Starbucks is a rare treat. In fact, you have to travel below the treeline to enjoy any type of ‘frou-frou’ coffee drink. Somehow a Tim Horton’s coffee just doesn’t make the cut (though it’s a completely functional caffeine shot). No, the PSL season at Starbucks is especially special (just ignore the nutritional panel). Welcoming fall with a hot cup of liquid pumpkin pie is the way to go.

2. Drop Dead Diva: A totally girly show that is my guilty binge-watch on Netflix right now. Any other show I feel bad about sneaking in an episode if J is not around…we have our shows we watch together. This one totally doesn’t interest him at all.

3. Stories to Go: This is an amazing library resource I’ve found here in Victoria. Since we’re only here for 8 or 9 months, we didn’t bring a lot of Aidan’s toys or books (too heavy to transport from the Arctic). The availability of themed books, CDs, and toys – all prepared in a box to borrow – is fantastic.

4. My 3-Wheel Stroller: In the north, we had a jogging stroller – top of the line – because it was what was needed to handle the rocky roads. Having good shocks was essential. Here in Victoria I’m really learning to appreciate the smooth walks on concrete. Oh, and the storage space found underneath is pretty awesome.

5: This: I don’t think J ever imagined he would spend his 50th birthday teaching his son to walk, but he did. IMG_7986


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