Summer celebration, but no Kug snaps yet…

“Enough lazin’ around now!” was what I said to my Mac last night. It is a sentiment that I repeat today.  I’m sure “it’s not you, it’s me,” would be the appropriate quote, but I don’t want to break up just yet. Can’t we try again?

It’s the iPhoto…curses (imagine a type of evil mutter and exhale of breath here)! I’ve been trying to load pictures into a post for the past 2 days with no luck. If I just want to view then I can, but if I try to load them it won’t read most most recent transfer from my camera.

…the pictures of the golden grass and mini-bushes, the big rock behind my place, the madness of sealift preparation…and I can’t access them. Why, oh why Mr. Mac, are you holding out on me? Oh, and when I say ‘mini-bushes’ it’s only because I spent the last two years on Baffin Island where it’s already snowing.

I suppose I can post some summer memories – all photo montage-like.

Above: Huge tree, right? Completely out of the realm of northern imagination. My older brother lives in Haida Gwaii, and how could I resist checking this out? Sometimes the sound of the damp surroundings under the canopy reminds me of the inside of an igloo – completely different worlds, but somehow similar in their solitude.

Above: This is Yakoun Lake at the bottom of a beautiful hike through the trees (the previous picture of the big tree was taken on the walk down).

Above: No, my nephew is not a crazy miniature boy…this is just Scarlett – the chihuahua mix – on a very large stump. This was taken, in fact, just before she found a pile of some sort of nastiness to rub herself in; she loved the back-twists, but she sure hated the bath!

Above: Of course, safety first if you’re out on a boat with dogs who don’t really like to swim!

Above: At my younger brother’s wedding in August, this was one of the only pictures taken of me – I was snapping for most of the weekend. Painting nails and drinking coffee. What? You thought the sunglasses were the only note-worthy things in this snapshot?



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