So long Honda, and thanks for all the fish…

You know it’s time for an entry when you notice yourself in the midst of an internal blog narrative while brushing your teeth. Yes, the ‘blogspeak’ is back. So much to share!

Honda_0118Ok, first off, my Honda’s gone…boo. We decided to sell our machines after considering the amount of time we’d be able to use them this summer after we return from our vacation. Not long at all. Instead, sell them both and put that money towards the epic road trip that’s in the works for a few weeks from now. Gas for an SUV hauling a trailer completely across the country isn’t going to be cheap! (but more on that later…)

I can’t say that I was as attached to my Honda as I was to the Beast. My Cat was my first big buy, and it was strange to let that one go last year. This year, I didn’t get to spend  too much time on the quad…only to and from work for the most part. Except. Except. Well, there was one night that was fantastic. J and his brother had been working on the machines for most of the evening, so we didn’t really get out driving until after 10pm but, in true northern fashion, time loses all meaning until you drop from exhaustion. Exploring the outskirts of Rankin Inlet was something I hadn’t done before, and I’m glad I got the chance to do it on a quad.

There is nothing quite like splashing through massive potholes that have turned into mini-lakes in the middle of the road. Or plowing through some muddy slop with the 4×4 givin’er for all it’s worth. I think that’s the feeling one must get just as he or she jumps off the bridge tied only to a bungee cord. That phrase that Nike’s claimed ownership of – Just Do It – comes to mind. Jump. Press the gas. Whatever.

Hmmm…ok, maybe it’s not exactly the same, but it’s definitely a more mellow version of the same idea.

So no more wheels in the Muise-Brown household…only tracks on the 3 forlorn skidoos sitting out beside the building. I suppose I’ll start to appreciate them more by the time the fall snow arrives.

Anyway…vacation was mentioned. The news? I’ll be finishing my work at the college this upcoming Wednesday and will be heading to Winnipeg on Thursday. From there it’s going to be a crazy summer of traveling, picture taking, and enjoying a 1975 Boler trailer. Yes, 1975. How cool is that? And did you hear? National campgrounds are being outfitted with wireless hotspots. Blog updates to let everyone know what a 2013 trek in a 38-year-old vehicle is like. Can’t wait!

One more thing before I sign off. Dear reader, how many of you are able to catch the reference in the title of this post? When I signed something similar on a card last year, I got a lot of blank looks. Does no one read anymore?


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