Remember to be Human

Yesterday, three people died. Actually, I pretty positive that hundreds of thousands more died around the world, but it’s the death of these three that has me tied in knots. I did not know them. It’s been decades since I’ve even lived in the area. But that senseless four-car pile-up is an aching reminder of all the loss and injustice in this world.

I’ve never felt so human. Or more fragile. Hearing this news while J and Aidan giggled in the next room brought me to tears. It’s just not fair. Why are we taught that things should be?

When I was younger – maybe 11 or 12 – I remember telling my mom that redacted is the type of person who would die young. In fact, I was expecting it. She was beautiful, smart, talented, sweet beyond belief, and never had a bad word to say about anything or anyone. I idolized her, yet I felt I could never live up to who she was…is. She’s still alive.

Why are these three gone? Just snuffed out?

I guess that’s what faith is all about. As humans, we have a desire to understand the why. If there is a higher purpose, why is this sort of thing allowed to happen?

Perhaps I am just naive and too near the beginning of my spiritual journey to accept everything. Perhaps things will become clearer.

In the north, young lives are far too easily extinguished and, though one can wonder about the ‘why’, I don’t think there is an acceptable answer. I have attended more funerals in the past 6 years than I have in the previous 33 years of life. Not funerals of those who were older, but those who were younger.

This holiday season, I’m trying to RACK up my day-to-day life. RACK – Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. I am embarrassed that it has taken such a ‘season’ to provide me with the motivation to do the small things that which remind me of being human and belonging to something bigger…understanding that someone shouldn’t have to prove that they’re ‘worthy’ to receive a kind gesture. Maybe they don’t measure up to what we define as ‘good’, but who are we to judge? How can we believe that we are ‘good’ if we don’t give with no expectation of receiving something in return?

Life is not fair but, unlike those 3 souls who were alive yesterday – who got ready for school, who got ready for the bus, who were looking forward to that school outing – you are alive. So live.

Now, when I say ‘live’, it doesn’t mean you should climb Mount Everest, swim with the sharks, or skydive (unless that’s your thing); it means to remember that you are human. Make an effort to be kind.

Reading through this jumble of words makes me sound preachy – and perhaps not so coherent. That is not my intent. I am flawed. I don’t understand why I am here when so many others are not. The only reason I am clicking on ‘publish’ is because I feel the message is important.

thank-you-1540713-1599x1066Perhaps I’m not conveying it clearly. Perhaps my viewpoint is inordinately influenced with the addition of Aidan to the family. I don’t know. All I know is that I have to not only be grateful for what I have, but also be someone who makes life just a little bit brighter for someone else. I need to remember to be human.



Please…no comments bringing religion into the mix. This about faith which, in my mind, is a completely different concept.

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  • Chris Muise

    And that is your purpose …reminding us that we are all human, fragile and flawed. Tara you are a strong resilient woman, compassionate and caring. I never cease to marvel at your tenacity and ability to surround yourself with light …and there are a lot of light workers in your life. Keep on keeping on and thank you for the gift of your writing and insight.
    Love you

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