On Being Blogspotted…

I must confess something…one of the motivations for getting back into blogging came from an outside source. It was after the site had been avoided for months. Samia Madwar, writer from Up Here magazine, somehow used her investigative skills and found my phone number here in Rankin Inlet. I came home to a blinking light on my old-school answering machine with a message asking if it was Tara Muise from thedailymuise.com

Why yes, yes it is.

I called Ms. Madwar back and she told me she was preparing an article about the blogging community in the north and would like to ask me a few questions. Would I like to be included?

Why yes, yes I would.

But after talking with her and reminiscing about my first northern blog, the self-conscious paranoia set in. OMG…what was she thinking? I haven’t written anything in months! The formatting is off! Quick…take it offline asap so no one can access its ‘un-perfect-ness’!

And that’s what I did. I promised myself I would update it quickly and have it running live in a few short days. Because of a variety of life circumstances, though, it was offline for months. I knew the article in the magazine wouldn’t be published until the January/February online issue. Time passed.

Anyway, I was curious about it and today I finally found the link. She actually included me! I don’t know how she originally started reading my stuff, but a ‘thank you’ shout-out to her today. She also mentions sarahontheroad.com (Pangnirtung) and towniebastard.blogspot.ca (Iqaluit) – two other northern blogs that have kept me entertained throughout the years. findingtruenorth.ca (Iqaluit) and rungloriarun.blogspot.ca (Cambridge Bay) are new to me, but I really like what I’ve seen of them so far!

I do, however, want to add a little explanation about the quote that she used. She mentions ‘Pangbound’ and blogspotting. Before I paid for the simple web address I use now which ends in a .com, I used the free web-hosting services of blogger.com – each of their users has an address that ends in .blogspot.ca (if you’re in Canada). After awhile I found their template choices and widgits restrictive and, since I was moving from Pangnirtung to Qikiqtarjuaq and would need a new domain name anyway, I just moved to the more neutral thedailymuise.com With the right links, readers followed. pang-bound.blogspot.ca was officially retired, but not removed.

‘Blogspotting’ though…that’s another story. In fact, I wrote a blog post about it when it happened for the first time; Sarah and I were in Iqaluit to celebrate her birthday in style and, while causing a general ruckus in the dining room at the Frobisher Inn during our pre-Legion outing, diners sitting next to us recognized who we were. Go figure. I even think I have a picture of the bunch of us together somewhere…my little Justin Beiber moment. Ah, to be famous.

When sarahontheroad.com passed through Rankin Inlet airport, we took a few 'selfies'!

When sarahontheroad.com passed through Rankin Inlet airport, we took a few ‘selfies’!

When a blogger crawls out of the internet anonymity and starts being recognized, the game changes. What do you write about when you actually know people are reading? For me, it gives me a bit more energy to ‘get back at it’ but it’s also a bit stressful. I think I’m more than a bit neurotic when it comes to writing.

Reading? Start exploring some of the links…there is some great stuff out there (and Up Here)!


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