More bandwidth, much more to say…

Gryphon enjoying his candy-cane striped rawhide chew...

Another Christmas past and another horribly neglected blog…this time I have an excuse, though: no bandwidth to help me along! The computers running in this apartment for the past two weeks have eaten up every extra byte and has left me ‘net-less’. Ahhh!! I believe it’s because of the extra person living here…sounds about right.

I had a lot going on this year. I was here in the north last year for the holidays, but I don’t remember them as being so busy…good busy, though.

Like I mentioned in my last blog entry both my Macbook Pro and Arctic Cat arrived in Qik just in time to make the season enjoyable (or so I thought). Withing 2 days I was as frustrated as h#%* because the computer wasn’t working the way I’d been promised…plug in and go. It was painfully slow to load and, whenever I could access safari, it would “quit unexpectedly”…after awhile I got to expect it. So there I was, days before Christmas, with a bum Mac. Now I realize that a lot of it was because of internet usage.

The Arctic Cat? When it arrived, it was still clicking and scraping with horrible protestations if it were ever put in reverse…sometimes to the point of “outta here bee-otch…I’m not workin’ for you!” with an immediate shut-down. I decided to order a ring plate for the clutch (you could see it was bent out of shape), 2 belts, an extra shock system, skis, and carbides. A bit pricey. Unfortunately, this was all before anyone had a chance to really look at it. When the mechanic in town finally had the opportunity to peek under the hood, he was a bit perplexed as well (having no experience with the new Cats). What we decided was to perform a type of snowmobile appendectomy…he just completely removed the electric start system leaving the pull-cord its only source of life. Gone are the crazy noises and reverse problems as well as the smell of burning rubber. Not bad, right? Bill from the Arctic Cat dealership in Iqaluit? Bad.

Today, though, things are well with the world. My internet anniversary date has passed (resetting my bandwidth allowance), I was able to download firefox, I’m working on downloading the Apple software updates now, I go for a ride-around on the Kitty Cat at least once a day, and I’ll be able to replace the skis and carbides sometime soon. Better steering…yay!

Ready for a trailride!

Aaaaannd…polar bears. They are still everywhere but, as you can see from my picture, I’m more prepared for an encounter than I have been in the past. And don’t worry, there’s someone else with me to do the aiming and actually pull the trigger!

What else? Hmmm…both Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner were spent with recent friends, and it was nice to finally relax over a cup of Keurig coffee. What an awesome rig! Hazelnut coffee brewed to perfection flew me south for just a wee spot of time. I think New Year’s Eve will be another great gathering.

Gryphon and Scarlett, resting after the excitement of tearing open the presents...

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