Kugluktuk: Day and Night

It’s so easy to get caught inside during the dark season in the north. Then, once you’re used to all the tv shows and junk food that makes you fat, the sun comes out. You may try to go outside, but the shock of the cold is so intense that you just rush from place to place hoping to avoid the inevitable frostbite.


…every now and then something will happen to get you outside.

This week I actually got out to take some pictures of the beautiful community in which I live. Sure, the temperature was about -40C to -50C the whole time, but it was still nice (just avoid the metal-rimmed sunglasses).

Just beautiful. And some more…

Now, one might ask, “Tara, why did you decide to risk your face and fingers to gets some shots?” Well, I think the answer is as simple as sharing my beautiful view with the people who have questioned why I am here in the first place.

Last night, around midnight, my friend Sarah and I got our camera bags and tripods, then headed out behind my place. Taking pictures of the Northern Lights is so amazing, but I could never do it before; I needed someone to help me with my camera settings. After everything is clicked to the right setting, you point, shoot, and wait – quite awhile – for the shutter to close. What follows is my first foray into night photography…

And, ta-da! I’m hoping to get back into blogging a bit more, but these pics will have to sate your hunger for entries right about now.

Final Thought: Go out and enjoy your day…it’s taken me awhile to learn that.


  • I started off with your blog in Pangnirtung this afternoon and graduated to this one. i find your photos and ideas fascinating because I applied to Nunavut for next school year and have been looking for real-life experiences from teachers. Thank you so much for writing it out and letting us go through it with you!

    I received an interview offer from Pang today and had one with Arctic Bay yesterday (however, they don’t have a daycare there so I was out of luck). I have already working in Umiujaq (northern Quebec) and my goal is to teach overseas.

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you how awesome this blog was.

    • Hi Golda,

      Thanks for reading! I just came across your comment again and was wondering if you made it to the north. Pang? Arctic Bay? Yes, it’s difficult to find childcare in the north.

      Anyway, I hope you’re following your teaching path; working overseas is such an awesome experience.


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