Just little bits and pieces…

The closest window is actually my unit...when I'm washing my dishes, I see what's in the following pics...

I did it…I’ve figured it out! I was having problems with my pictures before because I never really turned my computer off. No, generally I just shut it which sends it into ‘hibernate’ mode. Apparently it needs to be reset. Well, I’m sure there’s an easier way, but my way has been to turn the darn thing off.

So here is Kugluktuk – well, a few pics that the hounds have been howling for.

So that’s the view right outside my kitchen window these days. Certainly a change from last year. I wish I could get a picture where the colour actually reflected the was it is here; I’m not that talented yet.

In case the green is confusing, check out this picture…I really am in the north!

And that bottom pic is just fun…where snowmobiles go to die.

I know that’s not much, but it’s a start. My journey here in Kug has just started, and I’m sure I’ll have better photos in the future.


  • YAHOO!! 🙂 looks good… glad you sorted things out… can’t wait to see more photos! 🙂

    • Still don’t have a watermark/logo though. How did you prep yours?

      • ummm made it in Photoshop… and saved it as a .png file? and I think I did it with a transparent background… I think? (but watched the video on the website…and it walked me through the process…)

        I did one in BLACK and then changed the colour to WHITE–so that I have both options…

        Happy Playing!! 🙂

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