It’s time…

It’s time…I cannot tell a lie. Since December 20, 2010 (my last post), I have received so many emails re: my inactivity on this site! Aww, I feel so special. Apparently the day-to-day minutiae of my life and my meandering thought process has hooked a few people; who woulda thought?

Actually, it’s not just the small details that people have been missing; after all, I haven’t written anything about Christmas, New Year’s, or my birthday! Oh, and the constant power outages are noteworthy as well, I suppose. Where should I even start? I think I’ll go with a reverse chronological record of the past few weeks…no reason, just had to start somewhere!

This year – and what seems like most years – I returned to work on my birthday. Not really the most wonderful ‘welcome back’, but at least I had two days of respite before classes started. I figured that being at my desk with my Mac and iPod pumping tunes wouldn’t be so bad. It wasn’t, actually…it was a good way to ease back into the swing of things.

My cherry cake with an insane amount of icing (and candles) on top. In fact, I think there were close to 3 cans of icing throughout the whole thing!

Anyway, my boyfriend did the coolest thing that morning when I was out…he baked me a cake! I’m not sure what it’s like for you readers, but I can’t remember the last time someone put together a cake for me. By the time you hit my age, I suppose, people have moved on to other things. Don’t get me wrong – my friends and family have provided me with my fair share of ‘candled sweets’ served up by a singing staff at random restaurants, but I really can’t recall the last time someone pulled out a Duncan Hines pack and take the time to put it together. This whole episode was doubly impressive considering the fact that he lived on Pizza Pops, Eggos, and PB and J sandwiches until about a month ago.

Oh, and after giving 2 pieces away to co-workers, we took 2 forks and finished the whole thing in 2 days (with about a pot of tea). Although I’m sure it wasn’t the healthiest thing to gorge myself on, isn’t that what birthday’s are all about? My birthday’s on January 4th, so resolutions don’t officially begin until the tree comes down on the 5th. Absolute truth.

And my main gift? A Keurig coffee maker! We’re still waiting for Canada Post to make itself known, but I already have an idea of how awesome it is…a few people have the up here. Oh, and has finally started to sell the k-cups!

…and that’s my birthday 2011…


  • Dave H

    Happy Birthday!! and welcome back.

  • em

    Welcome back happy new year, happy birthday 🙂
    it’s the first comment and not wanting to be too negative, one thing about those Keurig coffee makers is that they make so much garbage-per-mug with those silly single serving cups ! Plus, it must be more expensive to buy those things than a “bulk sized” bag of coffee? drives me crazy. Thanks for posting the link to well, because guess what? they sell a reusable filter cup for your Keurig.

    • oops! i didn’t mention? i definitely have one of those reusable k cup-type things on the way…in fact, i think i might order another one for convenience sake when i’m having coffee with a friend. i’ll keep the store-bought doozies for the really special occasions (like american idol).

      thanks for the birthday wishes!

  • Happy Belated… That cake looks FABULOUS!!! 🙂 I did think of you as I started back to work on the 4th… but I’m not sure that I actually sent you any sort of note to wish you Happy Birthday!? my bad!!! Glad things are going well in the north… I too miss your updates! 🙂 Sarah

  • Hi Tara,

    You’ve been nominated for a Best New Blog at the Nunies. Voting is on now at Nunavut Blogs! or The House.

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