Got my Cat and my Mac…saa-weet!

Gettin' chilly up here!

So here it is, the shortest day of the year. Not too bad, actually. We were still in a twilight state until around 2 pm, and tomorrow we will start moving towards those wonderful sunny days…the days when kids are outside playing at 3 in the morning and time is spent wishing you could forget work and head out on the land. Though there’s still no reliable sea-ice, snowmobiling out and around the island is still a possibility.

Snowmobiling? Yes. Do I have mine? Has it arrived from Pang? It flew in yesterday. On par with its reputation, it refused to start; however, after several people fiddling around with it, today it has enough juice to run. Though I think the battery might be fried, the pull-cord still works. There is still a problem with the clutch and the possibility of the belt getting damaged, but it will run until I get those parts ordered in.

I also have news on the kamik front! My duffel socks are done and trimmed (though not yet embroidered), and I’ve already bought the sealskin needed to complete the uppers of the main boot. As for the bearded seal required for the sole…I think that will be the one thing I’ll get someone more experienced put together. I’ve been wondering, though…just how comfortable is this sort of footware? My Baffin boots are pretty rockin’ – especially when snowmobiling. Are kamiks just a fashion accessory these days?


Last night, when Clint got back from work, we decided to take the Arctic Cat out for a spin around. Now, for anyone who followed my blog last year, you would know how nervous I am around the thing. In fact, it rarely made it above 30 mph! Last night, as a passenger on my own machine, I thought I might die…I’m not used to just sitting there, nor am I used to going very fast. Ahhh!!!

…and you know what else I learned? I’m not overly paranoid about the Beast! Last year, whenever there were problems, I had no idea whether it was something I did or because I just didn’t know what a snowmobile should feel like. How much pressure do you have to apply on the throttle to make it move? Is it normal that it seems to slow down after riding for awhile unless I squeeze harder? Is the smell normal? Apparently the answer to all of those questions is ‘no’.

Another problem? The shocks. Yes mom and dad, I think that trip we took out to the fishing derby last year killed them. The reason I didn’t notice was because I prepped it for summer-storage not long after as well as the fact that whenever I rode it, my relatively light weight was on the front. As it stands now, I can take my puny arm and push the back almost to the ground! Money, money, money…lots to fix.

…and, since we didn’t take the gun last night, we didn’t want to venture too far away with the roaming polar bears…it was still pretty awesome though!

Just a few more days till Christmas, and I’m already set with my treasures. The packages my family sent (from Nova Scotia and BC) have arrived as well as the treasure I ordered for myself. I’ll have a report on the previous gifts in a few more days but the latter? My Macbook Pro has finally wound its way into the small hamlet of Qikiqtarjuaq, and I now sit tapping away on the backlit keyboard. Saa-weet! Lovin’ it. For sure, it’s going to take awhile to get used to it, but I’m going to figure it out at some point. Right now my netbook is sitting there on the table looking a little forlorn.

Today I’m finally in-line to get someone to help me cut my sealskin and show me how to put it together…time to start sewing again! What I’m worried about now, though, is actually where I’m going to sew. Does the smell just fade after awhile? The dogs were super-interested in just licking everything as soon as I brought the skins in, and I’m not really interested in fighting them off every time I do some work on the boots.

…I guess we’ll see how it goes…


  • jen

    The smell does not fade, you get used to it. My dog also went nuts for them, I’d have to fight him off. If it’s not tanned make sure to keep your boots in the freezer too. Mine felt like wearing slippers outside, super comfy (excluding walking over rocks and pebbles), but not entirely warm. Good for you for making your own! Hope to see pictures.

  • Dad

    Enjoy the frenzy of preparation and the ensuing blessing of Holiday rest that it brings.

  • Heidi

    Hi Tara,
    There is still no reliable ice in the Fjord here either. The winds seem to break it up as quickly as it forms. I bought kamiks in Clyde and altough they are super comfy – like slippers outside, the downside is that they are also very slippery on ice, and every rock you step on hurts. I was walking where the gravel had been dumped on the road and it was super painful – I had to walk in the snow at the side of the road.
    Happy New Year!! I’ll hopefully be heading out to Qik in January…
    See you soon,

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