Foodmail Faux-Pas…

I wanted fresh figs, not dried dates!

Today I received my second-ever load of foodmail and, though I’m super pumped to finally get a puffy knob of fresh ginger, there were a few discrepancies. For example, I have a fantastic recipe that uses fresh figs; as a fruit, I figured this would fit into the new foodmail allowance. I think it probably does, but the picture shows what I actually received…instead of 6 fresh figs, I got 6 packs of dried dates!!! Grrr…

...I gave them to a lady at the airport...

Order? Deluxe Mini-Pizzas. Received? Bagel things. I guess I see the connection, but if you’re expecting the regular, this is a huge disappointment.

One more thing that arrived today? My Mac Magic Mouse! I still haven’t really moved from my PC yet (no flights to deliver my new computer), but this is a nice type reminder of what’s to come. Ahh!! Just looking at the controls on the thing makes me wonder how I’m going to make the adjustment.

The bulk of the teachers flew out this afternoon on the Canadian North flight; that means it’s officially the holiday season up here. Now what happens? Last year, in Pangnirtung, there were games out on the ice…what happens when there’s no ice? I guess we’ll see soon enough!

T-Shirt says: Cute & Aware...perhaps it should say: Cute & Don't Care!


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