Pumpkin Muffins…

According to my very unscientific meta-analysis of how picky toddlers are when it comes to eating, my conclusion is that it’s unlikely that Aidan will reach the super-stardom some kids achieve (can you say chicken nuggets and french fries for 15 years?). Based on data I’ve gleaned from anecdotes from moms (and dads), anecdotes from non-moms (laced in judgement), ‘mommy blogs’, and now […]

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Things I’m Lovin’ Sunday #4

So here I am, stuck in Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre for the 13th day in a row, and I’m getting pretty down about the whole ‘life in a hospital’ experience. How am I supposed to know if the irritability I’m feeling is a result of medication or just the understandable ire of someone who has been literally connected to a wall […]

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Remember to be Human

Yesterday, three people died. Actually, I pretty positive that hundreds of thousands more died around the world, but it’s the death of these three that has me tied in knots. I did not know them. It’s been decades since I’ve even lived in the area. But that senseless four-car pile-up is an aching reminder of all the loss and injustice […]

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Things I’m Lovin’ Sunday #1

Everyone is familiar with the ‘Throwback Thursday’…I mean, who doesn’t have a FaceBook feed covered in embarrassing pictures which somehow capture moments that are special to us? I enjoy the thought, but I’ve decided to institute something new: ‘Things I’m Lovin’ Sunday’. Although I’m sure these posts will be completely random, I think it’s important to remind myself of positive […]

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Vaccination anyone?

Well, today is not the day to write about the politics of vaccinations…it fills me with anxiety and a sudden burst of obsessive hand-washing. Facemask anyone? No, not politics. Today is the day, however, I will write about a recent vaccination story. First off, I will say that there are many terrifying medical decisions that have to be made for your […]

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Baby Mama

So I totally have the best ‘blog neglect excuse’ ever…since I last wrote an actual entry, I grew a baby, survived a high-risk pregnancy, and gave birth to an awesomely healthy 7lb baby boy… My next accomplishment? I kept him alive through the murky fog of early mom-brain. Everyone tells you about pregnancy brain – the inability to think clearly and […]

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