Rankin Inlet

May 2-4 isn’t always about beer and a BBQ…

As a government worker, my email inbox is constantly stuffed with general announcements, PSAs, upgrading courses being offered, holidays in various communities across the territory…and weather bulletins. Now, when living in Pangnirtung, Qikiqtarjuaq, and Kugluktuk, I sometimes had school cancelled due to weather; however, I can count the number of days on the fingers needed to make the Girl Scouts […]

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The Beast-lette’s Back!

I’ve been purposely avoiding writing on this blog for the past few days…just couldn’t trust myself. A ‘reflective’ blog is always much more constructive than a ‘bitchy’ blog. And I was ready for a wild B session! So, ya, there’s my ride. Not so bad…a 2011 Polaris 550f IQ XLT. This pic was taken just 2 weeks ago, and it […]

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