Best New Blog? Say whaaaat??!!?

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I got a note from Clare today over at The House and Other Arctic Musings, and what a great surprise! Apparently I’ve been nominated as ‘best new blog’. Now, this kind of feels like cheating…I did, after all, have a different blog last year. However, I’ll take my luck as it comes.

The blogging world in the north is pretty strong…I haven’t yet been able to get used to being referred to as ‘Pang Bound’ (my site last year) or ‘The Daily Muise’, but it’s like family after awhile. ‘The Nunies’ is a yearly contest for northern blogs. If you win, the earned badge is a nice little piece bling to adorn your homepage.

Though I have some pretty tight competition, I’m going to do a little bit of shameless self-promotion here and say: vote for meeeee! Come on lurkers, make yourself known. You can find the ‘vote’ button here.

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