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So I totally have the best ‘blog neglect excuse’ ever…since I last wrote an actual entry, I grew a baby, survived a high-risk pregnancy, and gave birth to an awesomely healthy 7lb baby boy…

Time for a parking upgrade!

Time for a parking upgrade!

My next accomplishment? I kept him alive through the murky fog of early mom-brain. Everyone tells you about pregnancy brain – the inability to think clearly and remember small details, but nobody mentions the mom-brain. I’m here to tell you it’s a real thing. As days stretch into weeks then into months, the uniform of yoga pants and spit-up somehow wipes out all logical mental processes.

Has the aforementioned mom-brain disappeared? Well, it’s more like it morphed into something else. Pinterest has basically stomped out any whisper of confidence that my wee one will advance the way he should. Finger-painting, sensory bins, homemade food, no screen time? I’ve been crawling around on the floor hoping that it will come into focus sometime soon.

And my blog? All I have been able to think of as Aidan’s firsts become lasts is how none of it has been documented. There have been pictures galore – filling up my iCloud account and contributing to our $800 (I shit you not) Internet bill, but that’s where everything bottlenecks. No writing…just ideas on scraps of paper framed with grimy fingerprints.

This blog has always been about northern living, but I think it’s now changing into something a little bit more like: Hey, this is my life. I live in northern Canada. Sometimes it’s -60C. Sometimes it’s +30C. Sometimes the sky is on fire with pulsating ribbons of the Aurora Borealis. Sometimes it doesn’t get dark at all. Sometimes I hate that everything must be flown into this community. Sometimes the freedom of driving a skidoo down Main Street counteracts the feeling of isolation.

Now though? This blog will be more like: Hey, this is my life. I am a new mom at 38. And shit just got real in a flash. I pretend to be an adult but am still wishing I could zone out to a marathon binge of Sex in the City.


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