Austen, kamiks, and pancakes…

How is it possible that the makers of A&E’s version of Pride and Prejudice got Mr. Collins just so greasy and smarmy – or perhaps obsequious is the right word – as is in the book? Or perhaps all of those words fit. Regardless, they definitely got Mr. Darcy just right; Colin Firth will forever be associated with such a gentleman.

And how is it that I can sit here and watch that whole movie yet again? To Siovone, if you’re reading, I miss the cucumber sandwiches!

So, what’s new? Oh, I wish I could find my battery charger…it’s been gone for weeks and I’ve had some great opportunities. First off, I’ve decided to make a pair of my own kamiks. Not bad, right? I’m not sure how much need I’ll have for them after leaving the north (what with, perhaps, the PETA-swarmed south), but it’ll be great to have them here.

Actually, I think one of the drawing points of making your own kamiks it that they are sure to be riddled with inperfections…learning by doing, right? I must say, though, that my mom has prepared me to a certain degree. Apparently my stitching is quite exact and even (though my cutting skills leave something to be desired).

Imagine these, in purple, just above the knees.

For those who don’t know, kamiks are the traditional Inuit footware; most people would think they are just the sealskin (or caribou-skin) boots, but there’s more to it than that. Underneath there could be several levels of duffel – unfortunately, for those who don’t know what it is, I can’t find a satisfactory picture on the internet of the full-on boot (or a way to explain what ‘duffel’ is). Mine will go up just about the knee. I’ve included a picture of the ‘undershoes’, but I think I’ll make mine with a nice fleece or sheepskin. Those, covered by designed knee highs, form the base.

Knee-high white duffel boots with fur and sealskin (?) kamiks.

I had originally wanted a red duffel boot, but the colour I was set on never appeared at the local Co-op. When I tried to order it from Winnipeg, I found that red is only carried in the thin stuff (and, of course, the nasty dyed fur). Therefore, I’ve decided to just do a lot of decorating in red. I wish I could post a picture! Soon enough.

I think I’ll be able to get a few tanned sealskins from one of my students and, if not, I’ll be able to get some from a tannery in Winnipeg – though they would be considerably more expensive.

Anyway, new subject. My dad’s pancakes. Today, since I had the morning time, I decided to try making my dad’s famous pancakes. For the past # of years I have had to rely on the ‘add water’ mixes if I wanted something like that on the menu. Let me tell you, I real thing tastes better, but in my kitchen they just turned out dense and heavy…and left a lot of dirty dishes. Boo.

More news? At the end of next week I’ll be taking a break and heading first to Iqaluit, then on to Ottawa. Woo hoo!

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