An old friend and some good food…

Throughout the years I have met quite a few people through blogging, and it never fails to amaze me. For example, the last time I was in Iqaluit, I was blogspotted by Clare from The House and Other Arctic Musings at the airport. Sure, some people in the south might find this a little weird and…stalker-ish…but northern bloggers are different.

The very first blog I had was pretty basic: sub-standard camera and blogger format instead of wordpress. As time went by, though, it’s the relationships with blogggers that developed which ended up being the coolest. Sarah is one of those people. The weekend was fantastic because she was able to come to Kug for a visit; it was great to catch up.

First off, she came over for dinner and a computer session…lots of fun. I’m going to put up a few pics of the food but, before I do, I just want to make a note that it was Sarah who took them, not me.

First, there was the preparation of the pizza…asparagus, cremini, brie, and the chili peppers that Sarah so brilliantly added.

Sooooo much cheese…so much so much cheese! I forgot the pine nuts, but it was still pretty awesome (all things considered).

Dessert? Well, this is a recipe I heard on CBC radio. It’s a cored apple filled with Nutella and wrapped in pie crust. Looks weird, but it was awesome!

So thank you so much for the great visit Sarah! I love your photos. I will be adding some of my own pics to this blog sometime soon, but for now you’re my ‘guest photographer’.



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