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My blog used to be quite different. It dealt with living in Canada’s arctic territory of Nunavut and how everything was so different than growing up in my native Nova Scotia. You don’t have to travel around the world to experience culture shock, and that’s what I generally wrote about included pictures like this…Me on the Land_083…and this…

Double Harness_040…and this…

2015-07-10_0002It was a niche blog. If you are interested in those adventures, they are archived on the sidebar under Pangnirtung:2015-07-10_0003Qikiqtarjuaq:

The morning sky over Qikiqtarjuaq...

The morning sky over Qikiqtarjuaq…



Rankin Inlet:


But time went by like it inevitably does and, though cultural differences still strike me everyday, what keeps me guessing about life is more than that. I am now a mother and, since June of 2014, this has been my new normal…


…and this…


…and this…


I don’t know where my travels will take me, but I know they will be to things I want to remember – and share.

Thank you for reading this far in the online world of instant FaceBook updates and random tweets. I hope you make it back here often. Check out my sidebar to find easy ways to stay connected!

Tara, J, & Tuktu


  • Amanda Mulder

    Hi there, I stumbled across your blog and it resonated with my own goals. I am 1 week away from receiving my teaching degree and I have been offered a position in Chesterfield Inlet! I am very excited, as I have always wanted to travel for the first part of my career and I am very interested in the north. I am just wondering if you have any first-hand advice for a new teacher (young, single, female) heading to the north from southern Ontario. I know there are going to be many challenges but I feel like it will be the most unique and amazing experience.
    Thanks so much for your consideration & I really look forward to hearing from you!

    • Congrats on the job offer! I know that this time of your career is so full choices. I definitely think there is a lot to consider before making the jump to the Arctic. Send me a quick email at: thedailymuise@gmail.com and I will try to answer more specific questions.