A belated blog beginning…

I’ve started a blog post so often in the past week…and haven’t gotten through more than 10 sentences in each. How do you write about an adventure when you’re still in the midst of experiencing it? I’m trying to remember everything, but the occasional picture here and there doesn’t quite cover the scope of the journey.

Ok, first I’m going to start with the essential equipment of a roadtrip…the vehicle. As previously noted, my portable wheels comes in the package of a 1975 1977 Boler with all its original 70s upholstery. Yes, it’s pretty retro (it’s better than saying ‘kitshy’). The motorized element is a 2008 GMC Yukon Denali – a monster, for sure.

Truck n Trailer 1_0188

Don’t they look good together? A match made in heaven.

Anyway, Saturday (June 22nd) we were up bright and early…J needed to get the final registration on the Boler completed, and we needed to get one of the rear turning signals fixed. Although our general direction to start out with was west, we figured we’d have to turn sometime! Also, new brake-pads seemed prudent. As a result, we didn’t actually get out of Winnipeg until after 1pm. Not the best start, but we were still ahead of the original schedule which had us flying out of Rankin Inlet on the 24th.

GPS start_0191

Prince Rupert, though not our first stop, was our first real deadline; we had a reservation to take the ferry to Haida Gwaii to visit my brother and his family on the 28th. Only 2,730 km…child’s play. Oh, and that ’41 hours and 15 minutes’ listed on the GPS tracker? Ya, that’s not exactly accurate.

We were off. J in the driver’s seat with the mirrors adjusted, Scar and Gryph cocooned in their carrying case, and me riding shotgun. The back was packed, Tetris-like, so that all that showed through was a tiny sliver of Boler. Yes, we had a full load. The Boler itself we had filled up the previous week…Value Village worked as a perfect ‘one-stop-shop’ for dishes and random necessities while the neighbouring Walmart provided all the bedding and food. As it turned out, we still made multiple stops to add to our stash, but it was a good starting point. By 2pm we had filled up our coffee cups and were set for a few hours of this:

Heading West_0192

Scar occasionally hopped to the front seat to take a look around and beg for a piece of donut, but overall it was pretty uneventful.

Scar in window_0190

I guess it was around 6 or 7 when we decided to pull over for the night. We wanted some time to set everything up (first set-up), and we didn’t know how long it would actually take to find a place. Though there were a few campsites marked on the map we were using, we didn’t have reservations anywhere. I had been watching a news story a few weeks ago which highly recommended bookings.

Buildings went from looking like this:


…to looking like this…

Holy Barn_0203

It was time to take a break.

Campground Sign_0209So, the moment of truth. Would we be able to find a place and set up our mobile abode? We swung off the Yellowhead Highway and made it to Riding Mountain National Park, and it turned out to have quite a nice campground. We were able to set up quickly and easily:

Boler Set-Up_0205

Turned out to be ridiculously easy. Stop. Unhitch. Balance the wheels. Light the pilot light for the fridge. Plug in. Ta da!

Time for dinner…

BBQ Day 1_0207

Steak, mushrooms, potatoes, onions…amazing. Oh, and due to the alcohol ban in effect within certain time periods, we just had our beverages like this…

Kokanee Camping_0206

More tales to tell of the horrendous rain and the smashed windshield to come…stay tuned!


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