Baby Mama

So I totally have the best ‘blog neglect excuse’ ever…since I last wrote an actual entry, I grew a baby, survived a high-risk pregnancy, and gave birth to an awesomely healthy 7lb baby boy… My next accomplishment? I kept him alive through the murky fog of early mom-brain. Everyone tells you about pregnancy brain – the inability to think clearly and […]

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Paging Dr. Muise…

It’s funny how siblings evolve…and how they take different paths. I was just reminded to send out ‘good energy’ to the universe because my little brother is defending his Ph.D. thesis today. We may soon have a ‘doctor’ in the family! It’s been a long road for him with a decade of post-secondary work, but it seems to be what […]

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Words from a CFA…

I wonder when a ‘southerner’ becomes a ‘northerner’. If you’re born and raised somewhere outside of Nunavut, can you ever say you’re from the north? I grew up in a small community in Nova Scotia and, though some families were very large and had multiple branches, mine wasn’t. Other than my parents and siblings, no one shared my last name. […]

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